The misconception that couples who desire to end a marital union must hire a divorce attorney is quite widespread. The truth is, as husband and wife, you can terminate your marriage through a mediation process. Not even the filing of divorce papers will require Arizona divorce lawyers.

Mediators provide legal options in divorce negotiations. At the end of your discussions, you can sign a customized and comprehensive divorce agreement. The agreement is legally binding and will save you the headaches and costs of a courtroom battle. But what are the major differences between litigation and divorce mediation? Here to Help: things to know about divorce mediation in Arizona.

What is divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation involves non-adversarial negotiations in a casual, stress-free arrangement. The divorce mediator will not only moderate your discussion but also encourage open communication. When you require legal guidance, the mediator will be there to point the law, which ensures that your decision does not contradict the Arizona divorce law and regulations. Further, the mediator should find a safe place that both the husband and wife find acceptable.

What can you resolve in Divorce Mediation?

With the help of a professional, neutral third-party mediator, the individuals who wish to annul a marriage may also resolve the issues below:

• A parenting program that outlines the post-divorce co-parenting responsibilities

• Child custody, child support, and the financial contribution each party should make.

• The formula of sharing marital assets and debts.

• Alimony also called spousal maintenance or spousal support, that the partner would pay and for how long.

Further, divorce mediation can touch on family pets, the religion the children will prescribe to, and the choice of schools for the children.

Divorce Mediation will not Drain your Emotions

Typically, a highly-contested, courtroom divorce process has the lawyers presenting arguments, counter-arguments, and one accusation after another. Sensitive family secrets will reach the public. You cannot rule out life-long injuries to the character of the divorcing couples. The conflict in the public arena, the broadcast, print, and social media will affect the spouses at the workplace, place of worship, professional organizations, or even the family ties.

The children too may suffer social stigma if the parents do not handle the divorce cautiously. What is the best separation plan? You can remain role models for your children by choosing peace over conflict. Yes, you are parting ways, but do it in a dignified way by mediating rather than degrading or humiliating your partner. An adversarial parting of ways can have consequences for several generations.

Timelines in Arizona Divorce Mediation

Mediation processes usually move faster than courtroom litigations. Arbitration can end in a 60-day timeframe. Once a case reaches a divorce arbitrator, the negotiations can start right away. A week is adequate for the spouses to review all the divorce issues unless there are personal commitments to delay the talks. The mediator will file the divorce papers as soon as the couples agree. On average, the parties require no more than three-day meetings over one month. Your mediator can draft the divorce agreement within 60 days.