Certain disputes in families take the wrong turn and end up being a much more serious issue than it already is. As human beings, we rarely understand and prefer arguments than settlements. That is when the role of family lawyers Sydney plays an important part in your lives. When the surrounding becomes a difficult place to live in and the home does not feel like home anymore, when you almost want to scream your lungs out or just want to punch someone harder than the reality is hitting you. It’s natural to feel devastated especially when you do not find a right way out of the situation. Most people even avoid courts because of the chaos they associate with it; nevertheless seeking help from the professionals will always remain a good idea.

The family advocates Sydney provides you with commendable services which will leave you satisfied and at ease. Their process on cases includes;

Marriage or Pre-Nuptial

One can enter into the binding prenuptial agreement before marriage. With the help of your selected lawyers one can be advised properly for the same and benefit from the drafts maintained depending on every individual’s complex circumstances and range of financial arrangements. This can be possible during or before the end of a de facto relationship and agreements which involve the assets division.  If the issues still remain unresolved through this than the commencement of the procedure is taken under family law act.

Divorce and separation

The experienced divorce lawyers are amazingly trained in resolving alternative issues and put their skills to test when it comes to property division, separation or parenting arrangements. (Contact and custody)

Such problems might at times stick at the court but with the help of the family lawyers one can move through legal system with utmost discretion, professionally and quiet quickly. Getting a divorce in Australia is not a major issue but however the base of it should maintain law of ‘irretrievable marriage breakdown.’ This implies that one should remain separated for over 12 months before heading for divorce. The divorce can be initiated by either partner or they can even apply for joint application, in which the cost is shared among both of them. Or else, the person who’s applying for it needs to do the payment while the other one just needs to sign the documents and relevant forms.

The court sees to it that, appropriate arrangements and certain steps are taken care of if the children (below 18) are involved in this separation, and things are done for their welfare. A delay for 2 months occurs between filing and divorce hearing. Also, one should have that divorce order before they are allowed to remarry.

Wills and family provision

Ancestry defender Sydney first pre-requisite in this case requires a will that is drafted by a faithful person and someone who understands the circumstances of your family completely. Here, after the marriage termination, any benefit in the favour of the divorced is revoked. So the redraft is necessary stating your present wishes and whom you want to benefit from it.


Family counsellor Sydney will compassionately look after each thing and help you go through this difficult time of your life smoothly.