The workplace is full of accidents! Yearly, there are hundreds, if not thousands of accidents with some of them being minor injuries, but a majority of them are often serious injuries. Once this information finally soaks in you’ll probably be thinking how can you avoid being a victim? There are steps that business owners can take to make sure that their staff are protected and well covered if there was ever an accident. Obviously, we cannot prepare for every eventuality, but we can do what we can to prevent the ones within our control. That being said, the guys at The Claims Partnership have come up with a list of some common workplace accidents and some tips on home to prevent them.

Slips and Falls

The most common workplace injury is caused by slipping and falling, depending on where you work it can be easier or more difficult to avoid this as there is always likely to be a slippery surface. To avoid this, an employer can invest in a ‘caution’ sign, even if it’s nothing new this method is bound to catch the attention of people walking past. You should also be more aware of your surroundings, look where you’re going and be careful with your step.

Repetitive Motion Injuries (RMI)

Like the name suggests, RMIs are caused by repetitive motions to the same body part over an extended period of time. Motions like typing and staring at a computer screen can cause injuries like back pain, vision problems and carpal tunnel syndrome. To prevent this, you could be taking regular breaks from your desk for at least 10 minutes within every hour. Employers can also consider investing in training for the proper use of ergonomic equipment to keep injuries low.

Falling Objects

For those of us that work in spaces with a lot of storage, they run the chance of objects falling on top of them. To avoid this, you should always make use that heavy items are stored on the lower surfaces and any items being stored above eye level should be secured properly.

Machine malfunction

If you work in a space full of machinery equipment, then there’s bound to be a bunch of codes of conduct to follow. That being said, some incidents still happen so it can’t hurt to learn how to prevent them. It is important to wear protective clothing and equipment to protect your eyes, hands and head.


Finally, overexertion injuries are the number one cause of workplace injuries in the UK and not only that, they can also be the ones with the most pay out in no win no fee cases. Tasks that relate to pulling, pushing, lifting and carrying can be the main causes of overexertion. You should always make sure that you can handle the task ahead of you and if not the ask for help as two heads are better than one.